The two documents that follow describe a new and very different approach to funding higher education.  The first is a tour through the shortcomings of the current financial aid system and the second, a detailed description of a comprehensive approach to financial aid along with its many benefits to citizens, colleges, the government and the nation.  The plan marks a complete departure from business as usual and it is designed not as a standalone solution but one that is integrated into the real world of struggling families, colleges under financial duress and a fragile national economy.  If, after reading the full plan, you believe as I do that this new approach belongs in the tapestry of our nation, then I would urge you to contact your representatives in Washington or anyone else who may be in a position to move the plan forward.  The proposed model, if implemented, would be a game-changer for families, for Main Street, for colleges and most important, for the future of our nation in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world economy.

Read the Case for College Financial Aid Reform

Read the full Reform Plan: A New Paradigm for College Financial Aid