Paul presides over Room 72My favorite job was, is and always will be teaching. For a decade, I taught government to ninth graders in Weston, Connecticut, at the then new Weston High School. I loved every minute of it even when I groused about the administration which, as the passage of time revealed, was really very solid. The class was held in Room 72 and it was filled with ideas and activities that were calculated to make developing minds grow. My young charges emerged from the year-long class with a visceral understanding about the things that make this nation so special. I would pit any of them and their knowledge of our democracy against any of the shallow, self-serving blowhards that pollute our media today. My kids actually read parts of John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government; they dissected the U.S. Constitution; they understood the meaning of justice and its challenges; they appreciated the fragile nature of any democracy and they paid homage to the importance of respectful and learned debate. So to honor them and to honor this great nation, I have decided to name this page after that classroom in the hope that I can pass on to you some of the ways of thinking that stirred the souls of hundreds of students who enriched my life in my beloved Room 72.

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