Public and Private Workshops Delivered by Paul Wrubel

  • How to Pay for College: A nationally-acclaimed overview of the best ways to deal with college costs including a review of the financial aid system and proven ways to qualify for more need-based aid. In addition, there are suggestions as to the best strategy to pay for college costs not covered by financial aid. The workshop is appropriate for parents at all income levels.
  • How to complete the financial aid forms: This is a lively, line-by-line completion guide to the FAFSA and, for attendees who may have to complete the CSS Profile, some highlights from that form.

Estimated time of workshops is about 1.5 hours.

Expected fee: Typically a $500 donation to MindWorksUSA, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating college access for all academically-qualified students. Various organizations like Rotary, public and private employers and have chosen to sponsor the workshops as a local community or employee-benefit service. The host will be expected to cover all transportation and lodging costs for workshops outside of San Mateo County, California.

Requirements for the host: PowerPoint projector and a microphone/speaker system.

Consulting and Advisory Services (in-office, Telephonic, Skype):

  • Financial Only:  $995 for a first meeting with routine email, phone calls and followup questions and in-office appointments at no additional charge.  Some college admissions counseling can be included at no additional cost.  Clients are required to pay for an initial appointment at an hourly rate of $150 and of they choose to move forward they will be expected to pay an additional fee of $845 payable in advance prior to the next meeting, phone call or email.  The full program will include admissions advice at no additional fee as requested.
  • Admissions Only:  Not a standalone service.  I can refer you to others as needed.
  • Organization Training: Develop programs in college funding and scholarship design for organizations of every description who wish to counsel students and/or parents on the full range of college access and funding issues.
    Fee: To Be Determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Commercial training and advice: Assist commercial businesses in college matters with content and form of delivery services to the public.
    Fee: TBD
  • Professional Partnerships: Working with CPA’s, financial professionals, and attorneys to assist them with ways to help their clients in matters involving college funding in order to preserve assets and to deal with issues like divorce and loss of job.
    Fee: $500/hr.
  • Advisor to Governmental Agencies: Work with public agencies in all matters relating to crafting financial aid programs and policies.
    By Contract Only
  • Advocate for Financial Aid Overhaul: Authoritative new vision for financial aid with a litany of why the current system doesn’t work, who it harms, and what can be done to create a new model. The new approach is outlined in very specific detail and if implemented will serve as the most significant reform of higher education in over 50 years and an immediate, ongoing economic stimulus to every “Main Street” and “College Street” across the nation.  Estimated time for a public forum or speech: About 1 hour.

Requirements for the host: PowerPoint projector and speaker system required.
Fee: A donation to MindWorksUSA, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, TBD.


MindWorksUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to creating enhanced college access for students across the economic spectrum. While there are several components to the MindWorksUSA effort, the immediate, primary focus is to replace the badly broken and utterly dysfunctional college financial aid system. The new vision we advocate…

  • eliminates forever the scourge of student loans as a component of need-based aid;
  • uses only income as the determinant of a family’s ability to pay for college;
  • encourages families to put money aside for retirement and not college;
  • supports colleges in a far more equitable and reliable way in their quest to help needy families;
  • eliminates the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms;
  • guarantees the full amount of financial aid for any needy college-bound family;
  • shrinks the U.S. Department of Education bureaucracy through the elimination of the full “alphabet soup” of current, expensive, need-based aid programs;
  • provides for a robust private option when dealing with proprietary colleges and post-secondary education programs;
  • creates a viable loan payback plan through an employer for those graduate students who may amass student debt or for graduates of proprietary colleges where students have to use private student loans;
  • provides inherent controls against runaway colleges costs;
  • serves as an immediate, real economic stimulus for Main Street, College Street and Wall Street;
  • underwrites the viability of social security and creates an enhanced economy-participating senior citizen population and, finally, it…
  • guarantees that the primary currency for admission to college, any college, is character and talent and not money.

To help us in our efforts, you can send a donation in any amount to:

330 Main Street, Suite 203
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone:  650-712-1505

All donations are tax-deductible.