Dr. Paul R. Wrubel holds four degrees. He received a BA from Middlebury College, an MAT from Wesleyan University and a Masters and PhD from Stanford University. His professional experience encompasses a decade of teaching in a Connecticut public high school and an 8-year stint in administrative roles in California that included serving as the Principal of Gunn High School in Palo Alto. His community and volunteer work includes a term as an elected school board president in his home community of Half Moon Bay, California.

Over the last two and a half decades, Dr. Wrubel has served as an independent counselor for high schools, service clubs, government programs, non-profits and families across the economic spectrum and around the globe. He has been recognized widely as a preeminent authority on college funding matters and as such has been quoted in the print and broadcast media many times. He has appeared on talk shows from coast to coast and has conducted hundreds of public workshops on college admissions and college funding issues around the nation.

Dr. Wrubel has founded two non-profit organizations, CollegeWorks, a program that helped inner-city youth in Oakland, CA and a new non-profit, MindWorksUSA with the broad mission to explore ways to provide college access to students around the globe. He has written literally hundreds of articles for the Internet and the print media. One of his more recent works was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, considered by many to be the publication of record for college personnel.

Dr. Wrubel is the co-founder of TuitionCoach, a pioneering online suite of interactive tools to help families navigate the daunting waters of college funding.  It was purchased by another company who sadly presided over its demise.  Dr. Wrubel is currently involved with a number of new initiatives all of which are geared to create more equitable access to higher education. There are few, if any, individuals with as comprehensive knowledge of the financial aid system and its impact on families, colleges and the nation.

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